In the mid nineties, this city had a need for a marketing agency of a new kind: honest, with high ethics, an agency that works by European standards and at the same time knows the specifics of the local market. An agency which can help Russian companies to increase the value of their brand, and to assist foreign companies in entering and providing foothold on the Russian market.

And that is when we came to the city.

In 1996 Promaco grew out of the Swedish agency Andreasson Public Relations, which had been working in St. Petersburg since 1989. Our first big project was grand opening of Coca-Cola St. Petersburg Bottlers. This project was a major success: after it was over, the President of Coca-Cola admitted that it was “the best ceremony in Eastern Europe our concern had ever had”.

Since then different companies have been among our clients: from oil refining to food industries, from fashionable auction houses to European entertainment centers. And that’s just a beginning: we are full of creative ideas and determination to change the world!